Sunday, January 20, 2008

Democrats Abroad Thailand Advertises in Local Media

Democrats Abroad Thailand is running advertisements in English language newspapers and blogs all over Thailand, encouraging Americans to vote in our Global Primary. For more details on Democrats Abroad Thailand's plans, write to democratsabroadthailand "at" But the short summary is this:

(1) If you are registered as a member of Democrats Abroad Thailand by the end of the day of January 31, you will be able to vote by Internet. For Americans residing in parts of Thailand where there will not be a DAT polling place, this is the major option to participate in our Primary. Join DA at

(2) If you decide to vote in person, we will have polls in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Nongkhai, and Udorn Thani. More details about the hours and location of these polling stations is posted below in this blog. Those voting in person must bring their US passport, and can join DAT at the actual polling place the day that you vote.

(3) The Primary is an election run by the Democrat Party of the US. We are the 51st state party of Democrats. Therefore, to participate you must be a member of the Democrats Abroad. Joining is free.

Let's change America in 2008 -- start by voting for the 22 Democrats Abroad delegates who will cast votes at the Democratic National Convention this year -- and will make sure that voice of overseas Americans is heard loud and clear by our candidates for the President!

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