Saturday, March 29, 2008

Democrats Abroad Thailand Social Night -- March 29

Dear Democrats in Thailand,

The DA Primary has come and gone, but the struggle for the nomination for President of our Party continues! The competing campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are now looking towards Pennsylvania, Oregon, West Virginia and a handful of other states, and ultimately, to the Democrat leaders who form the so-called "super-delegates" who may make the final decision. What does this all mean for our Party? How do you think the Hillary and Barack campaigns are being run? What will this current state of continuing competition (perhaps going all the way to Democratic Convention in Denver in August?!) mean for the cause of unity against McCain and the Republicans in November?

Come share your views and ideas with your fellow Democrats this coming weekend! Democrats Abroad Thailand is planning our first post-DAT primary "no-host" social night on Saturday, March 29, starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Roadhouse Barbecue (see for map). We will have several tables on the 3rd floor of the Roadhouse, so come ready to eat, drink and share your views about what's going to happen with our Party in the coming days. The entire DA Thailand executive committee will be on hand, so also bring your ideas to share on the kinds of activities you want to see us organizing from April to November.

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday -- please RSVP to if you think you CAN make it.

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