Monday, February 11, 2008

DAT Chiang Mai Polls on Feb. 5th and 9th

DAT's Chiang Mai and the North chapter opened voting centers at the AIDSNet Foundation in town (Feb. 5 and 9) and Payap University (Feb. 5 morning) and saw very good turn-outs of Americans turning out to help determine who will be the Democratic nominee for President.

With the very important caveat that these results are partial, and do not include any email, fax or mail votes from the North, here is what happened:

Feb. 9 -- AIDSNet Foundation

Sen. Barack Obama -- 84%
Sen. Hillary Clinton -- 16%

Feb. 5 -- AIDS Net Foundation

Sen. Barack Obama -- 87%
Sen. Hillary Clinton -- 9%
Uncommitted -- 4%

Feb. 5 -- Payap University

Sen. Barack Obama -- 66%
Sen. Hillary Clinton -- 28%
Sen. Joe Biden -- 3%
Rep. Dennis Kucinich -- 3%

Thanks to Gary Suwannarat, Catherine Nesbit, Martha Butt, Carol Grodzins, and all the other DAT Northern chapter volunteers who helped at these important polls! DAT really appreciates your support. We also appreciate the support of the leadership and staff at the AIDSNet Foundation and Payap U. for making space available for DAT to hold the polls!

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