Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sign Up for Voter Registration Training -- Help your Fellow Americans

During the week of Feb. 5-12, almost 600 Americans in Thailand voted in the Democrats Abroad Global Primary! While this was a big accomplishment, the fact is that for the general election in November, we're back to the old method -- everyone has to send their absentee ballots back to the U.S. And to do that, we have to make sure that as many Americans as possible are registered to vote. Democrats Abroad Thailand has a long tradition of helping Americans in Thailand get registered, helping almost 3000 Americans vote from Thailand in 2004. We want to do that again, but we need the help of our members!

Fortunately, the US Embassy has arranged for a NON-partisan voter registration workshop for Americans who want to do what I consider one of the most patriotic things any American can do -- which is help a fellow citizen participate in our democracy, and vote. The training is FREE, and will be held at the US Embassy THIS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 29, from 1 to 3 p.m. Please REPLY to me at this email ASAP and we will get you on the list to attend.

The details (as provided to me by the US Embassy Voting Assistance Officer) are below.

I hope that you can spare three hours of your time to become trained on how to help people register to vote -- in this year, we need everyone's help!

Best wishes,

Philip S. Robertson Jr.
Chair -- Democrats Abroad Thailand (DAT)

Email from American Embassy Bangkok follows:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Voting Assistant. This coming year will be a busy one for voting activities, as we will actively promote overseas voting for the presidential primaries and election. The Federal Voting Assistance Program is a non-partisan organization dedicated to guiding voters in the overseas voting process. Your primary roles will include the following: to help with correct completion of the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) by utilizing the Voting Assistance Guide (VAG); to promote voting awareness in your American community; and to assist with voting outreach events.

As a Voting Assistant, you will need to be knowledgeable about the use of the VAG. All states have slightly different procedures for overseas voting as outlined in the Voting Assistance Guide. The FPCA will facilitate communication between the local election official and the voter. Once the voter has submitted a FPCA, the local election official in his or her county will be notified of his or her presence overseas and accordingly send any registration forms or absentee ballots to the address listed on the FPCA at the appropriate time.

We appreciate your contribution to this program, as it is crucial for its success. As a volunteer, you will act as an extension of the embassy by increasing the awareness through creative means which will uphold our American values. Unfortunately, embassy personnel cannot reach every community in order to spread the promotion of voting and information about election dates, so we are counting on you to enhance voter participation in American communities throughout Thailand.

The American Citizen Services (ACS) Unit of the US Embassy will host a non-partisan Federal Voting Assistance Workshop at the Embassy. Here are the details:

Who: Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) will send representatives from Washington D.C. to present the workshop to volunteers wishing to help out with overseas voting and to spread the word
When: Friday, February 29th
Where: American Embassy Bangkok/Consular Wait Room or NOB Cafeteria
Time: 1300-1600
What: The workshop will help volunteers to become educated on the overseas voting process
Bring: Questions! Questions! Questions!
P.O.C.: Sierra Dunaway, ACS, 02-205-4561, DunawaySS "at"

You must RSVP before the workshop to ensure all participants are on the visitors' list for Access and Security.

Remember: Your Vote Counts. Can America Count on You to Vote???


Sierra Dunaway
Voting Assistance Officer
American Embassy Bangkok
Tel: 02-205-4561
Fax: 02-205-4103

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