Saturday, January 31, 2009

DAT Celebrates Obama Inauguration with a HUGE crowd at the Roadhouse

Democrats Abroad Thailand invited members, friends and colleagues from America and around the world to join the historic celebrations of the Inauguration of President Obama and Vice-President Biden. Some 900 people came through the doors at the Roadhouse at some point in the evening (according to Chef Dana) and the restaurant ran out of glasses at one point - attesting to the thirst for drink AND celebratory excitement that overwhelmed all those who assembled. The third floor of the Roadhouse, with monitors blaring, no doubt started to resemble the packed atmosphere of the Mall in Washington -- except that we were spared the freezing temperatures! All the Thai-English Obama shirts were gone in a frenzy, and the special Obama Inaugural mugs were also snapped up -- though we still have a few boxes left of those, so get in touch if you are interested. But the best thing of the evening was the sense of camaraderie and common purpose, to take back our country with the best leader we could find, a truly international President -- who I am confident will make us Democrats Abroad quite proud.

Here are some photos from Lance Woodruff, DAT's long-time member, collaborator, activist and photo-documenter.


W. said...

Thanks for sponsoring a fun evening. I was visiting from Washington DC and was glad I came out to the Roadhouse for the festivities.

Janelle said...

Are there still mugs available?! Please let me know how I can get some!! Thanks

willson said...

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