Saturday, September 12, 2009

Results of the DAT National Elections -- September 10, 2009

Here are the results of the DAT elections, held at the FCCT on September 10, 2009. Very big thanks and appreciation are extended to DAT members Don Linder, Fred Burian, and Barent Springstead who served as the Votes and Elections Committee -- they all worked very hard throughout the night to produce a fair and timely result that could be announced at the meeting. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all that put their hats in the ring to lead DAT for the coming two years.

The new officers are: Peter du Pont (Chair), Elizabeth Boname (1st Vice Chair), Peter Fischbach (Vice-Chair), Jennifer Erickson (Vice Chair), Rick Graves (Secretary) and Pamela Hongsakul (Treasurer)

It will be a pleasure working with you all -- Philip S. Robertson, Jr. --former DAT Chair (2005-2009)

10 September 2009

Candidate Proxy Votes/On-Site Votes/Total Votes

Lola Rainey 27/23/ 50
Peter du Pont 45/36/ 81

Austin Arensberg 28/26/ 54
Jeffrey Watchtel 6/3/ 9
Mike Carroll 14/22/ 36
Elizabeth Boname 38/38/ 76
Jennifer Erickson 32/32/ 64
Peter Fischbach 34/41/ 75

Rick Graves 52/44/ 96

Ed Knuth 0/20/ 20
Pamela Hongsakul 0/26/ 26
Lola Rainey (write-in) 0/2/ 2
Jennifer Erickson (write-in) 0/2/ 2
Mike Carroll (write-in) 0/1/ 1

Submitted by Don Linder, member of Votes and Elections Committee and out-going DAT Vice-Chair

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