Saturday, August 4, 2007

Big Turn-out for Democrats Abroad at I-Day this Year

Democrats Abroad Thailand had a very successful day during this year's Independence Day celebration held at the US Embassy grounds. Led by DAT Vice-Chair Peter Fischbach (the voter registration supremo), the DAT Executive Committee and volunteers helped over 60 Americans register to vote, and signed up 40 new DAT members! Democrats Abroad Regional Chair Gary Suwannarat also flew down from Chiang Mai to help out.

The fact that we got the booth right near the bandstand contributed to the festive atmosphere as numerous Americans came to fill out their voter registration forms, share their political views and opinions, and volunteer to help out on future events.

Several people noted that they didn't see representatives of the opposing party anywhere -- and a quick survey of the festival proved they were right. In DAT's view, this is perhaps the clearest indication how Americans in Thailand feel about 7 years of incompetence, mis-management, and wrong-headed policies by the Bush Administration. DAT will be sponsoring more events several times this fall to help people register to vote, and prepare the ground for real political change in the US in 2008!

Here are some more photos of our volunteers in action! Get in touch with us at democratsabroadthailand "at" or (085) 060-8406 to learn more on how you can get involved!

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