Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bios of Candidates for DAT Country Committee

DAT is proud to announce the following members who have agreed to stand for office for the DAT Country Committee. Please join us on Thursday, August 16, 2007, at the DAT annual meeting (6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand, to hear their views and ideas, and to help us plan to ensure the victory of Democrats in 2008! RSVP to democratsabroadthailand "at"


Philip Robertson

Phil has lived in Thailand for almost 14 years and first became involved in DA Thailand in the lead-up to the 2004 election. A former senior UN official and previously the Country Director of the Solidarity Center (AFL-CIO) office in Thailand, Phil is self-employed as a consultant working on human rights, labour, migration and human trafficking issues in Thailand and the Mekong sub-region. He is committed to a vision of DA Thailand as a network of politically progressive and engaged Americans who are active on issues, interested in organizing events, and committed to both making a difference -- all while having fun while doing so. Phil is determined to lead Democrats in Thailand to have an impact in US elections and through chasing out the Bush Administration, restoring some semblance of respect for human rights and justice in foreign and domestic policy. He served as Chair of DA Thailand for the past two years, and is running for re-election. Phil is originally from Boston, and can be reached at Reaproy "at"


Elizabeth Boname

Elizabeth and her husband Andy moved to Bangkok in March 2007 with their two small children after having spent seven years in Sarajevo, where they were both very active with the Dems Abroad chapter there. Elizabeth is a former journalist who later managed public information for a police department and a court, respectively. Most recently she has worked as a substitute teacher for middle and high school students. Elizabeth can be contacted at boname "at"

Don Linder

I have served as a Vice-Chair for DAT of several years now, and in this critical time in American politics, I would like to continue to serve and do whatever is possible to start the reversal of the horrors Bush/Cheney have created. I have lived and worked in Bangkok for six and a half years, first as Director of AUA for two years, and then as head of my own consulting company. It dismays me that I feel like a foreigner in when I make my yearly trips home, and it horrifies me when I read the statistics on health care, education, infrastructure, and the economy in the , due in great part to an administration based on greed, selfishness, and self-righteousness. I think it is critical that the Democratic candidates know the opinions of Americans living abroad, since in many ways we are better informed and certainly more aware of the global effects of U.S. policy than most of their local constituents. Don can be contacted at donlinder "at"

Peter Fischbach

Originally from New York, I have been an active member of Democrats Abroad Thailand for over 15 years, including two previous terms as Vice Chair. Voter registration, followed by a strong effort to “get out the vote”, are the most important activities of Democrats Abroad, and I am standing for re-election to the DAT Executive Committee because I am willing to continue contributing significant time and energy to those efforts. I am also currently a member of the Democrats Abroad global IT Reference Group, which is in the process of coordinating the complete upgrade of the organization’s IT systems for use by all DA country committees worldwide. I run a small company here in providing IT recruitment services, and am active in the American Chamber of Commerce. (Not being the quiet sort, my progressive politics are well known to most AmCham members by now!). My wife and I live with our two children in Bangkok. Peter can be contacted at peter "at"


Richard Graves

Richard is an attorney, licensed to practice in Washington State. He has a degree in Physics from MIT and a JD from Columbia University. His prior careers include medical software and appliance manufacturing in China. He is currently retired and living in Thailand, spending some of his free time designing products for his wife's factory in China. Richard can be contacted at email: gravesricharde "at"


Nominations Still Open (note -- Mike Saltz decided to withdraw)

Chair, Chiang Mai and the North Chapter

Peter Foley

Peter first became involved in Democrats Abroad back in the last 1980's. He was the DAT Chair for five years. He won a delegate seat in a DA election in Hong Kong and went to the 1992 Convention as a Bill Clinton delegate. Peter then went on to serve as the Chair for the Asia and Pacific region of DA. During this period 1985 to 1996 Peter was the regional director for Asia and the Pacific for Planned Parenthood of America's international family planning program (FPIA). From 1999 to 2002 Peter served as the Peace Corps Country Director for . Peter is now back in , serving as the vice president of the Prem Center for International Education in Chiang Mai. Peter can be reached at drpeterfoley "at"

(Note – this position is elected by DAT members in the Chiang Mai and the North Chapter only, and serves on the DAT Country Committee)

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