Saturday, November 29, 2008

DAT at US Embassy Election Watch Party -- 5 Nov 08

DAT split its representation on Election Day in Bangkok -- with over 180 members going to the US Embassy's official "Election Watch" party at the Grand Hyatt Erawan -- and well over 200 heading to the DAT unofficial club house on the third floor of the Roadhouse Barbecue on Rama 4 and Suriwong Roads. These photos are from the Embassy party.

It was full of media (7 live media interviews in Thai for Chair Phil Robertson), hundreds of Thai school-kids (all asking questions from some civic education questionnaire -- "why do you support the Democratic Party?" -- the mind blurs with all the answers possible for that one...), some Americans, various Thai big-wigs (PM Somchai showed up - and gave a speech -- and then Bangkok Gov. Apirak appeared shortly thereafter -- the battle of the dueling entourages was on!), a few (and I do mean few) Republicans lead by "Sal" and "Al", the mystery McCain staffers never seen before election day despite big titles like "Country Coordinator" -- who predicted a McCain victory early on but rapidly became more reticent as the morning progressed. Needless to say, the DAT table was front and center, and surrounded by a constant flood of DAT members offering cheers and high-fives! Ambassador Eric John picked the right color with his neon blue silk tie as the Democrats romped -- and when California was called for Obama, and the network declared him the next President, the vast majority of Americans and Thais in the crowd cheered madly. Obama won 90% of the straw poll at the event -- and the cheers reflected that. A pile of McCain-Palin buttons sat off on a side table, undisturbed... YES WE CAN -- and then DAT moved en masse to the Roadhouse.

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