Monday, November 3, 2008

Quote from Phil Robertson -- Chair, DAT

"In my years working with American voters living in Thailand, I have never seen anything like the enthusiasm I see for Barack Obama. This is truly a watershed election for America, and for all of us living overseas -- because the victory of Barack Obama will mark the beginning of a new start for America in foreign policy, in our relations with countries around the world, and in the way that people around the world perceive the United States. Americans here in Thailand and elsewhere in Asia have really done their part -- DA Thailand has tripled our membership over the past ten months, and our phone calls to our members all around Thailand show that 93% of them have cast their ballot. We're extremely excited for the election returns to come in on November 5, and we have a reason to be! Finally we will have an American leader in the 21st century that we can be proud of. "

Philip Robertson Jr.
Chair, Democrats Abroad Thailand

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