Friday, November 28, 2008

Photos of the Campaign in Thailand -- Obama Policy Platform Session at the Roadhouse -- July 08

Once it was clear that Sen. Obama had won the Democratic nomination, there was time to start thinking about ideas and policies -- and the Obama campaign encouraged "house parties" for engaged citizens to propose their views on what should be front and center in the Democrat Party platform to be adopted at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Democrats Abroad has its own platform but we thought it was important for the members to have their say -- and in late July, about 50 DAT members came down to the Roadhouse Barbecue to do just that -- over some cold ones and Chef Dana's best ribs and other grilled offerings. Americans Abroad for Obama leaders Jon Fox and Brian Thomson played an important role in organizing the event -- with Jon coming up with the original idea, and Brian cranking on his lap-top to keep up with the discussion and make sure the ideas were put in a form that could be submitted through the Obama campaign website.

Chair Phil Robertson moderated the discussion, which was quite vociferous at times -- reflecting the fact that we're Democrats and we have strong views (and we're not afraid to express them!) A reporter from The Nation came by and wrote up an article about DAT (see earlier entry in this blog) which garnered us more attention in US expat circles in the Kingdom. Policy progress while having fun too -- the essence of DAT!

The best Party in town!

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